When In Rome: 80′s Throwback A Concert Dance Party

I have not been this excited in a long time! You all know how much I love the 80′s, so you know how thrilled I am that I’ll be attending this awesome event on Saturday!:D/

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Walking With Dinosaurs 3D {2013}

Lucas loves dinosaurs. Like crazy. It’s amazing how he knows most of the names of the popular dinosaurs and his collection is quite impressive, I’m not talking about cheap dinosaur toys also, I am talking about the kind of expensive stuffed ones made of leatherette that actually feels like lizard skin, it’s kind of creepy but awesome at the same time. Whenever you’d ask him what he wanted for whatever occasion, it’ll always be a type of dinosaur. His collection is complete in the sense that he already has the basic dinosaurs, I mean the most popular ones, think the cast of Land Before Time.:P

So when Walking With Dinosaurs 3D came out, of course we immediately went to watch it, despite it being on 3D, which is a lot more expensive than a regular movie, we thought, what the heck, he’ll love it, and that’s what matters.

Entertain Others!

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