The Hulk (2003)

The first Hulk movie, starring Eric Bana as Dr. Bruce Banner.

It also stars Jennifer Connely, Sam Elliot, Josh Lucas and Nick Nolte. Open-mouthed smile 

This movie dwells on the back story of Dr. Bruce Banner, revolving around the story of how his father, also a scientist, conducted experiments on himself and his son, thus resulting in the Hulk.


The effects were awesome, and Eric Bana is so hot, it’s hard to believe he’s a scientist. I mean, really, how many buff scientists do you know? Smile with tongue out I don’t know a lot about the Hulk, but I do know that his father did not cause his transformations and did not cause the lab experiment to go wrong and basically really had nothing to do with Bruce Banner being the Hulk. I don’t know why they had to insinuate that the Hulk was already in him and was only waiting to be triggered. I did not enjoy the story and there were dragging parts, sure, the effects were hot but it’s too bad that the Hulk supposedly had a bad father, imagine experimenting on your baby? Horrifying! Surprised smile

I want to learn more about Bruce Banner and the Hulk but I just have no time right now. I really would love to get to know the Marvel superheroes as much as I know the DC Comics superheroes as well. Smile with tongue out If you don’t know how much of a dork I am yet, now you know. Open-mouthed smile

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