Why I Love Car Floor Mats

B is not like the typical guy who dotes on his car. Unlike any other “typical” guy, you won’t see him out washing the car during his off days from work, no, he spends that time with me and the kids. He’s also not too concerned about how clean the car is. He’s not too concerned about the car floor mats getting grimy and dirty, or the outside of the car getting really really dusty and dirty. And believe me, it has gotten to the point where it was so dirty, a passer by wrote “Please wash me” on the back window. LOL. Open-mouthed smile

He says that’s what car wash places are for. Smile with tongue out

Don’t get it wrong, B takes really good care of our car, he makes sure it goes to the car dealership where we got it every time it reaches a certain mile to make sure that everything is in tip top shape and everything is working properly. Sure, our car gets grimy and dirty often, but it still works like a brand new car. Remember, looks can be deceiving. Smile with tongue out

B wasn’t always so careless when it comes to a car’s proper hygiene. There was a time that like any other typical guy, he dotes on it. Washes it, dries it and waxes it and makes sure that the car floor mats are clean and that the inside is spotless. Everything changed when we became parents. Smile with tongue out

We go to the car wash once a month and have everything cleaned. Outside and Inside. After the visit to the car wash, we make sure it’ll be a month before we need to go visit it again. Smile with tongue out

I especially love that the car has car floor mats, because it’s much easier to keep the car floor clean with mats. So how exactly do we keep the car from getting dirty?

Here’s how:

1. If we can help it, we don’t eat in the car. Crumbs can attract cockroaches and ants and I don’t like neither to take up a permanent residence in our car.

2. I make sure that the car floor mats are properly placed down on the car floor. That way if someone gets in the car with dirty shoes, the carpet won’t get dirty. The mat is rubberized so it’s easier to clean than the actual carpeted floor.

3. We have a garage so the car isn’t overly exposed, it means it doesn’t get morning dew on it, which can attract dust (when not dried with a rag), which causes the dirty dusty look and can also damage the paint. Smile with tongue out

That’s basically it. Smile with tongue out

How much do you care for your car?Smile with tongue out

This is a sponsored post brought to you by Bucks2Blog. However, opinions and thoughts expressed on the article is 100% mine.

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